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Each series will be a "one time" thing, with no fantasy colors and no series numbering. Each release will have 10 cars and 10 different categories, so who knows how many possible combinations there will be! These will be limited to 20,000 per car. Again, you can try your luck in the stores or order them from FullGrid.
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Show Stoppers II: Hurst Hairy Olds Bob Riggles Hurst Hemi Under Glass Wild Bill Shrewsberry's L.A. Dart Arnie "Farmer" Bestwick's Tameless Tiger
Word is there will also be a Top Feul Legends with 60's front engine dragsters and 70's rear engine dragsters. Keep your eyes out for more information. Thanks Dan. .
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Here is a sneak peak at some JL Prototypes for the upcoming Evel Knievel series. This picture was taken at a Johnny Lightning Tour Stop by one of our spies. Go HERE to see many more SPY SHOTS!
Remember way back when we were talking about the upcoming TV and Movies cars? Well, here's a tentative list of what's coming!
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The Monkeemobile, The Partridge Family bus, Starsky & Hutch car, Barney Fife's police car, a Dragnet car, the Bluesmobile, and, get this, the Back to the Future DeLorean car! Can you say exciting? How can they keep topping themselves over and over anyway!? I'll keep you posted!
The Johnny Lightning KIDZ section over at Playing Mantis now has this word find game. Give it a try if you get bored at work..

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Just click on the box!
I hope you all got your Speed Rebels when they were out (there may be a few still on the shelves here and there). Yea, I know they were hard to find and I only saw them a few times since they were released and those were at local drug stores. Well release 2 will be hitting the shelves soon with all new colors so be on the lookout.
As if we are not getting enough this summer, here comes Evel Knievel! 4 cool new diecast originals and with them 2 will be the first ever Motorcycles for Johnny Lightning. (pic from the evel knievel web site)

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In other news, there seems to be an upcoming Cartoons series on the way, with them due in September.
So far, we're expecting
The Speed Buggy and
The Flintstone's Sports Car, and from the Wacky Racers,
the Mean Machine, and
Penelope Pitstop's car,
The Compact Pussy Cat.
I'm not a cartoon watcher any more, but some of you folks will know them!

Have you heard about the new Mustangs? 2 new cars: a 1970 Boss 302 in
British Racing Green metalflake with gold graphics, and a 1968 Shelby in Royal Blue metallic
with silver trim. Both cars will be in special packaging with a big Ford emblem on it.
These are out now and are very limited with only 5,000 sets!
I found them at a hobby store right here in my town! Or order them from FullGrid.
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The new 1970 #2 Al Unser Johnny Lightning Special Indy Magma is out and they have a few here in Auburn at the hobby store! They're also available from the "members only" section at Playing Mantis website! It looks great, and I predict they will go as fast as the Dragula cars did!
Showstoppers Wheelstanders:
The KISS funny cars have been out for a while now, with the first release is long gone and the second release quick to follow. The only way to tell the second release apart from the first is by one of the KISS letters on the rear window of each car. They're going for $3.99 everywhere except Kaybee Toys, which seems to think they're worth $4.99. These cars are very cool looking, and are models of the Dragsters USA Round 2 castings. They are in equally-cool blister packs, with each one featuring one of 40 possible trading cards included.
Little Red Wagon
The new Lost in Space series is cool! Going for 3.99 each in most stores, they feature 4 different models from the famous campy sci-fi series of the sixties: The "Chariot" (the track-wheeled vehicle they drove around in), Their "Space Pod", the famous Environmental Conrol Robot, "B-9" (warning Will Robinson...alien approaching!), and their spaceship, the "Jupiter 2." Each package also comes with an actual clip or "cell" like the speed racer series, but unlike the Speed Racer series, there are 50 different ones! They are very well detailed and I'm proud to park em with my cars! Get em!
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There's a new Promo Edition Mustang sponsored my the Todd Aicher and the rest of the folks at the Greater Seattle Toy Show out. It's a 1970 Boss 302 in Coral red and orange, with a chrome base and flat black deck lid. These are very limited at only 3,000 units! Order them from FullGrid or see the entry on the bottom of my Promo Listing page for other details.
The 4th release of the Hot Rods series are out now. Based on real cars from issues of Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines, there are 10 cars in each series, limited at 20,000 each. Each package has a numbered collector disc in the package, similar to the Speed Racer packages. This release has wide whitewall tires and feature authentic graphics. This is the final limited release, with the only remaining release being the non-limited "collector's edition" due out in July. To find out the colors and numbers, click the two links near the top of the page!
Speaking of Speed Racer, have you noticed the color variation? It seems that the release 2 cars have 2 different colors of interiors! The Mach 5 cars with the attachments have opposite colored attachments and interiors. If the car has gray attachments, it has red interior, and if it has red attachments it has gray interior. Keep your eyes out, as they are still around here and there.

The new Show Stoppers series is out now, featuring 4 of the USA's legendary drag racing wheelstanders! I got my full set of 4 from Fullgrid, but I've seen em here and there in stores too. These look great! The set features the Little Red Wagon, the Chuck Wagon, the Dodge Rebellion, and the Hemi Express. These are all made from a new Dodge A-100 casting, and will come with a stand to simulate a wheelie. These guys are primo!
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The Pure Hell funny car, the second release from the new Dragsters USA Platinum series is out now. They are geared toward an adult audience with a limited production of only 10,000 pieces and have "Real Wheels" rubber tires. The corner of the blister card says, "adult collectible" on it, so because of this you won't find them in any major retail stores. You'll have to get these from the "mom & pop" hobby stores or order them from FullGrid.
The folks at Playing Mantis have decided to sell us a limited "White Lightning" funny car! They are nice looking cars, with one in metallic blue and the other in metallic blue-green. These are limited to 2000 each, and are only available to members until January 31st, at which time any remaining will be offered to the public. Hit their website and check 'em out!
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Hey! Did you know there's Johnny Lightning stuff on QVC? Yeah, they've got some cool stuff, too! They're not real easy to find, though. I found it best to do a site search for "Johnny" when I got there. Check em out at
Did you know you could "visit" the talented man that does the artwork we've been seeing on the Holiday Dragsters? Check out his site, "Billustrations."
I still see the new Muscle Cars USA boxed set around here and there. The set is all Mopar, and it features has the 70 Superbird, 69 Hemi Roadrunner, 70 Challenger, 65 Dodge A-100 pickup, 96 Prowler, 68 Charger, 70 Super Bee, 58 Plymouth Fury, 71 Barracuda, and get this: A never before released 71 340 Cuda! The Cuda was released previously as a Hemi Cuda, but not with the "340" graphic! I think it's the most colorful assortment they've made yet! Don't miss out!
The Dragsters USA Round 2 release one, which are the new 90's-style cars, were released a few months ago, is the only release in fantasy colors. Round 2 release two, are all in their original colors, and have the hard plastic tires. Like the first release, they have their bodies in the "down" position. The third release features Real Wheels, and are packaged with their bodies in the "up" position! All three releases are out now.
Has anyone ever wondered why Dragsters USA Round 3 came out before Round 2? I was plenty confused about this one myself. The Dragsters USA Round 3 had some licensing issues to be worked out that took longer than anticipated, so they were actually released in this order: Round 1, Round 3, and Round 2. Confusing eh?
Speaking of Dragsters USA, Dragsters USA Round 3 Boxed set is still in the Northwest at Toys R Us stores. The cars are in their original colors: The Snowman, Wonder Wagon, Don Garlits and all the rest, with a never released Soapy Sales as the 11th car. Like most boxed sets, it's non-limited, but don't let that fool you. Although the set is "non-limited," the Soapy Sales car will only be produced in 1997, and they are only making 15,000 of those, so basically the set IS sort of "limited edition!"

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